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A Montage Showing Something About US

This page shows some of the equipment we use and just a few of our most recent jobs done. 

Heavy Equipment

This machine is used to assist with the land clearing and digging for the footings and services.

More Heavy Equipment

This machine is used to clear and level the land before construction work begins.  It is also used to do the grading work afterwards.

Sign Written Trucks.

We are very proud of who we are and like our customers to know who is on working on their job site.

Electric Tools

Electric tools are used extensively from cutting of the wood formers to cutting the rebar and a whole lot more.

Footings Ready To Be Poured

The formers are in place along with the rebar all ready for the concrete pour. This is a long run and several loads from the concrete truck will be needed.

Land Clearance

The first stage of any new building project. The machinery shown above is used as this can be very labor and hard work intense.

Footings Poured

This picture shows the footings poured and rebar being put in place for the foundation walls.


This picture shows the rebar in place between the formers. Concrete will be poured and encapsulate the rebar for maximum strength.

Foundation Walls

Foundations walls are almost ready for the concrete pour.

Foundations Are In

This picture shows the completed foundation walls on top of the footings.

Foundations And Crawl Space Created For This Modular Home

Concrete footings and foundation walls creating a crawl space were installed in exact placement ready to receive this beautiful modular home. Additionaly a concrete slab was poured to receive the metal garage.

A Simple Retaining Wall

This picture shows a retaining wall following the contour of the land. It also shows the footings.

A Concrete Drive Way

We set out this drive way with a slight curve to give a very aesthetical look and to facilitate maximum drainage of water and snow on it

Retaining Wall Around A Curved Brick Patio.

This picture shows a curved retaining wall which we later covered in stone. It follows the shape of the brick paver patio.

Concrete Truck

this is the one piece of machinery we do not  own. We shop the local market giving specific mix requirements to obtain the best possible pricing on any given day. The chosen company mix and deliver to our site.

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